Sky Bubbles

Sky Bubbles 7.3

You must free the innocent souls before time runs out!
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Sky Bubbles Deluxe is an action puzzle game where you have to fight a battle against an evil wizard to save the inhabitants of an enchanted kingdom. The wizard has trapped the souls of the people he captivated in magic bubbles, and had elevated their souls very high over his lands.

In order to free all the souls, you have to put together three or more bubbles of the same class. While you move forward, you gain the ability to generate fantastic bonds and you can activate great help events that will be very useful when it comes the time to free the enchanted soul’s before the time is over.

Sky Bubbles Deluxe is a classic bubble game where you have to match the color of the bubbles to free them by making them to explode. When many colors are together at the same time in the right position, they will explode and you will see great sound and visual effects.

The most interesting thing about this game is that while you go from one level to the other, not only you will find more difficulties in your way, but also you will increase your powers and therefore you will be able to face new challenges.

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  • Beautiful colors
  • A lot of fun


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